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EMDYN helps organisations to better understand the threats they face by turning data into actionable intelligence, safeguarding vital assets while supporting critical decision making.

Our Mission

Protecting what matters most

Globally we face a rising tide of security challenges ranging from war and conflict to international terrorism and organised crime.

At EMDYN our prime mission is to protect the things that matter most - to keep your loved ones safe and to build a better, more stable tomorrow for future generations to come. We do this by empowering you with visionary technology to propel faster, smarter decision making. We help to predict future outcomes and prevent threats from being carried through, rather than simply dealing with the fall-out.
EMDYN’s unique technology works for you by providing intelligence you can use to the greater good, working to obtain insights that help you keep people safe. EMDYN gives tangible support to the work of national security and defence organisations while we assist charities and NGOs with information that can help them to protect the vulnerable in difficult situations.

Whether you face military threats, pandemics, humanitarian crises or any illicit activity, the need to get ahead and stay ahead of the curve has never been clearer. Across all these domains, EMDYN is your key strategic partner.

Our Expertise

Our key products and services

EMDYN works across three key technology disciplines, each one highly relevant to governments and both civilian and military intelligence organisations.



Our bespoke geospatial intelligence fusion Platform draws together location intelligence data from an array of sources in a single application to provide unparalleled insights into situations, events or patterns of movement.



A wide range of customised training options from basic to advanced analytic techniques to support the integration of EMDYN capabilities and beyond to achieve your objectives in security and intelligence domains.



A fully integrated intelligence system drawing on a huge range of data sources to build data analytics and predictive analysis to improve the performance and the speed of your business processes.


Looking for custom solutions?

EMDYN can help you with custom data fusion and analytics capabilities­ made to meet clients' specific needs via a fully integrated intelligence system. We draw from a huge range of data sources to build data analytics and predictive analysis to improve the performance and the speed of your business processes.

With access to rich data sources and the expertise to crystallise the findings, EMDYN ensures that organisations are also better prepared for any future incidents.

about us

Delivering actionable intelligence since 2008

Founded by CEO Tim Van Renterghem in 2008, EMDYN is a European-based private company with a truly global perspective. EMDYN provides agile intelligence-led solutions to a whole range of security problems, so you can stay in control and ahead of the curve.


Our offerings

Finding solutions to challenging issues

EMDYN platforms are employed throughout the public, private and non-profit sectors in areas such as defence and national security, critical infrastructure, financial services, charities and healthcare. We help organisations quickly find and implement solutions to the most challenging issues they face.


    The increasing need for a proactive stance to meet the stark challenges presented to national security is clear from the complex threats and disruptions emerging on the international stage. The world has arguably entered a new phase of instability which threatens the sovereignty of nations and puts into focus the need for countries to protect their people and assets.


    At EMDYN, we are acutely aware of the responsibilities organisations and key decision makers bear in keeping people safe and their infrastructure secure. We are here to inform and support clients in making critical decisions, working as their strategic partner to turn data into actionable intelligence and helping to counter threats to digital assets, physical infrastructure and employees.


    EMDYN has a wealth of experience in working with businesses in the financial sector. The security of financial services especially in relation to identity theft has been an ongoing issue. EMDYN has responded to threats from both traditional ID theft and the growing synthetic identify fraud to provide solutions based on a layered approach to the problem.


    Accurate, timely information is vitally important in assessing the aftermath of natural disasters from earthquakes or volcanic eruptions to disease outbreaks, pandemics, fires or floods – situations where NGOs are often the first on the ground. A key role is planning how best to deliver humanitarian aid by employing the latest satellite imagery and location intelligence data.

Get to know us

Whether you require expert solutions to specific security issues or simply some initial advice, EMDYN is just a phone call or email away. Alternatively, please click the link to our Enquiry Form here.

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