Working towards a safer tomorrow

At EMDYN our mission is to protect the things that matter most, providing intelligence you can use to the greater good. By turning data into actionable intelligence to enable faster, smarter decision making, EMDYN helps its clients work towards building a safer, more stable tomorrow for all mankind.


Empowering our clients

"EMDYN’s mission is to create a safer tomorrow by fully empowering organisations with visionary technology that helps them stay ahead of the curve and mitigates risk. " Tim Van Renterghem, CEO and founder

By working as a trusted strategic partner using proprietary technology and exclusive intelligence data, EMDYN allows you to focus completely on core activities while ensuring its people are kept safe and infrastructure secure.

Our Experience

Delivering bespoke solutions

EMDYN has an extensive range of industrial and technological experience with medium to large companies, government departments and institutions. We operate worldwide with a key focus on the EMEA region. Currently we are working with vital industries including defence and national security, healthcare, oil & gas, mining and financial services.

Working globally across a wide range of vertical markets has helped EMDYN to establish a clear value proposition for its clients, with emphasis on creating a bespoke solution to address a client problem. We aim to ensure that the client journey is as smooth as possible by effective communication throughout the problem-solution process.

Our key services include intelligence monitoring, secure data fusion and analytics for subjects such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks and country specific risks, plus complementary technology consultancy and development services. Our experience in all these areas gives clients new to EMDYN the reassurance of technical competence combined with personal service.

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Our Values

Client welfare at its heart

We believe in respecting our clients, taking care of our own staff and giving clients a trustworthy, agile and professional service allied to these core values. We believe in inclusivity, fairness and sustainability, respecting diversity and difference. We welcome our clients’ success in their chosen fields and that of our own people.

Security is a serious subject calling for a high standard of technical competence and a true commitment to the task. Technology can also be fun and it is important for us that the client experience is personable; honest, reliable yet always friendly. We aim to demonstrate dedication in our work, a real passion for technology and a service with the client’s welfare at its heart.

Our History

EMDYN major milestones



Intrduction of the next generation RMS (Record Management System) that uncovers relations and links between entities inside EMDYN Platform

Satellite Imagery and Tasking

Integration of 3 major Satellite Imagery Providers and tasking capabilities


Launching EMDYN Platform

On boarded first few government customers to make use of our next generation geospatial big data analytics capability.

Geospatial Intelligence Fusion

Multi Source Geospatial Intelligence Analysis capabilities build for the future to perform contextual intelligence analysis.


EMDYN Platform

Foundation of the EMDYN Platform Technology Framework. Initial architectural design, market exploration and gap analysis.

Big Data And Machine Learning

Finding the needle in the haystack and making sense of the data but applying intelligent data enrichment and extraction capabilities purpose build for security analytics.


Cyber Intelligence

Rather than chasing incidents and catching fires we refocussed our offering around OSINT Monitoring to identify threats.

Cyber meets Physical

While traditionally 2 independent departments Corporate Security and information Security both receive threats from the digital age. Both now are able to get early warnings and indicators.


Inception of EMDYN

EMDYN (Emerging Dynamics) was founder by Tim Van Renterghem in Belgium

Cyber Security and Consulting

The initial offering existed out of consulting services and resale of cyber and information security solutions and products.

Get to know us

Whether you require expert solutions to specific security issues or simply some initial advice, EMDYN is just a phone call or email away. Alternatively, use our Enquiry Form above.

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