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EMDYN can offer a wealth of experience in working with businesses in the financial sector. We can help you to manage risk better and to combat underlying problems within the industry including forms of identity theft.



EMDYN Platform works to improve the breadth and depth of information that can be taken into account when making investments or assessing risk. It can uncover details and relationships that can lead to better, more informed decision making at all levels in financial organisations. The job does not stop at the initial decision stage either as access to new data combined with ongoing monitoring can come into play later.


Our Solutions

Insights to reduce risk

EMDYN’s ability to monitor key assets remotely provides added security for our clients’ investments. Whether supporting due diligence investigations to reduce risk in decision making on acquisitions or investments or establishing baselines of activity for purposes of insurance risk assessments, the insights provided by EMDYN’s Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Platform helps reduce the impact of factors that earlier may have been hidden.

Continuing data collection

As a non-intrusive tool with global reach, the implementation of EMDYN Platform in financial risk assessment can provide insight into limited access environments that previously were out of reach. The continuing collection of data into the platform also allows benchmarking activity over longer timeframes, avoiding blind spots, temporary fluctuations or adjustments to behaviour that might incorrectly influence our clients’ decision making.

Ongoing monitoring

Even after decisions on initial investments or providing cover have been made, the EMDYN capability ensures continued awareness of any changes in the circumstances of the assets in question. This ability to remotely monitor compliance or alterations in the level of risk positions our clients to respond positively to any challenges that may emerge further down the line.


Need to improve risk management?

Whether you require expert solutions to specific security issues or simply some initial advice, EMDYN is just a phone call or email away. Alternatively, please click the link to our Enquiry Form here.

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