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To support successful implementation of the intelligence capabilities offered by EMDYN, we place great emphasis on training to develop the human skills that generate success for our clients.



In-person workshops

We offer a range of training options in the form of in-person workshops that go beyond the use of EMDYN Platform alone. These provide our clients with an opportunity to develop human capital to support the integration of EMDYN capabilities while achieving their broader objectives in security and intelligence domains.

The training is arranged via a number of separate levels that can be provided in phases to build up a full-spectrum intelligence capability.
Alternatively, these training modules can be tailored specifically to the existing needs and required timeframe of the client.

What you will learn

Basic analytic skills and techniques

As an introductory module, the basic level is ideal for participants who are new to intelligence, helping develop the mindset needed to appropriately assess and process information into actionable intelligence. It can also provide a more structured framework to those already familiar with intelligence work. The module focuses on the analyst’s thought process, supported by the study of historical and current intelligence challenges.

Advanced analytic techniques

Advanced analytic techniques are organised via a range of modules, rather than one single offering. Depending on the exact needs of the client, or the specialisation of separate teams within the specific organisational structure, a variety or combination of the focus subjects listed here can be provided.


Training modules

EMDYN delivers its clients maximum flexibility to meet their staff development objectives in analytic skills. We achieve this by arranging training via a series of ten modules covering different, though related, subjects as set out below. Any of these can be applied for specific stand-alone training. Alternatively, they can be grouped together in any combination to match individual client requirements.

  • Open Source Intelligence

    Focuses on best practices in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), including collecting and assessing information from social media, news reports and other public resources.

  • Satellite Imagery Analysis

    Covers advanced skills required to process and analyse electro-optical satellite imagery plus equipment recognition, facility baseline analysis and imagery presentation.

  • Structured Analytic Techniques

    How to apply advanced analytic techniques that have become a standard in modern intelligence practices in the context of when and how to apply them best.

  • Forecasting

    Techniques to support forecasting, or predictive analysis, centred around questions of how a variety of situations may develop in the future and how reliable answers can be found.

  • Geopolitical Analysis

    Understanding geopolitics - the relationship between political objectives, military and economic capabilities, geography and material resources.

  • Subject Matter Training

    Tailored modules on client-specific subjects to support key intelligence requirements, e.g., a precise threat vector, military organisation, industrial sector or country.

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