Critical Infrastructure

EMDYN operates as your strategic partner with technology to help to keep critical infrastructure safe and secure, while ensuring that client organisations remain vigilant at all times to any developing security issues.



EMDYN works to inform and support clients in making critical calls, ever mindful of the responsibilities that organisations and their key decision makers bear while seeking to keep people safe and their infrastructure secure. Through joining the dots in data intelligence, we can help defuse threats to physical infrastructure, digital assets, and employees now and in the future.


Our Solutions

Security safeguarded

EMDYN’s Geospatial Intelligence Fusion Platform has the capability to safeguard the security of critical infrastructure across wide areas and even across national borders. Whether concerned with the protection of national assets or multinational corporate assets, EMDYN ensures remote awareness of activity in and around key facilities.

Anomalies detected

Through EMDYN Platform, clients can leverage and combine multiple big data sources through a unified and user-friendly interface. This allows baselines of activity to be easily established so that any anomalies can be detected when they occur. Once identified, deeper investigations into those anomalies or other suspicious behaviour can be conducted.

Blind spots eliminated

Rather than simply mitigating the fallout after an event, these capabilities position EMDYN clients to identify potential threats proactively. The ability to achieve this for large volumes of assets simultaneously and to see the less obvious links between seemingly unrelated activities across a variety of different facilities helps remove the blind spots in securing critical infrastructure.


Keeping things safe and secure

Whether you require expert solutions to specific security issues or simply some initial advice, EMDYN is just a phone call or email away. Alternatively, please click the link to our Enquiry Form here.

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