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We help our clients gain a full insight of the security environment, focusing precious time and resources to prevent an incident taking place rather than just dealing with its fallout. Utilising the speed and reach of geospatial intelligence analysis and enriching the intelligence picture across data sources, the insights revealed ensure that client decisions are better informed and achieve more positive outcomes.


Our Expertise

Our key products and services

EMDYN works across three key technology disciplines, each one highly relevant to governments and both civilian and military intelligence organisations.



Our bespoke geospatial intelligence fusion Platform draws together location intelligence data from an array of sources in a single application to provide unparalleled insights into situations, events or patterns of movement.



A wide range of customised training options from basic to advanced analytic techniques to support the integration of EMDYN capabilities and beyond to achieve your objectives in security and intelligence domains.



A fully integrated intelligence system drawing on a huge range of data sources to build data analytics and predictive analysis to improve the performance and the speed of your business processes.


Looking for custom solutions?

EMDYN can help you with custom data fusion and analytics capabilities made to meet clients' specific needs via a fully integrated intelligence system. We draw from a huge range of data sources to build data analytics and predictive analysis to improve the performance and the speed of your business processes.

With access to rich data sources and the expertise to crystallise the findings, EMDYN ensures that organisations are also better prepared to deal with any future incidents.

about us

Delivering actionable intelligence since 2008

Founded by CEO Tim Van Renterghem in 2008, EMDYN is a European-based private company with a truly global perspective. EMDYN provides agile intelligence-led solutions to a whole range of security problems, so you can stay in control and ahead of the curve.



Pioneering Geospatial Intelligence Fusion

EMDYN is leading the way in Geospatial Intelligence Fusion with a platform that empowers analysts with fast and actionable intelligence in a single screen. By bringing together multiple location intelligence data sources in a single application for fast, intelligent querying, the EMDYN Platform overcomes a common blockage, that of intelligence silos.

It helps to connect the dots and uncover relationships, where previously blind spots may have caused you to overlook that vital detail in your intelligence analysis. Drawing links from diverse intelligence sources significantly increases the intelligence production process and enhances collaboration.

EMDYN Platform is a comprehensive data analytics tool that goes way beyond simple data provision or aggregation by letting you integrate your own location intelligence data. At its heart lies a powerful engine and an intuitive interface for fast and easy data access. EMDYN Platform is designed exclusively for the security industry to provide answers to those who, what, when and where questions. It delivers a set of capabilities to help you make better informed decisions.

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Whether you require expert solutions to specific security issues or simply some initial advice, EMDYN is just a phone call or email away. Alternatively, please click the link to our Enquiry Form here.

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